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Paint By Numbers Story, But The Dinosaurs 

3 stars

Mini Review:

The basic story may be the same: Calamity on island so dinosaurs need to be saved, there are bad guys on another team, and despite all odds, the good guys need to get the job done. This time the toe tapping dinosaur scared me so much, the coffee in my hand went cold… 

Main Review:

Chris Pratt is back! Smiling lazily at the girl who left him… He’s not as sassy as he is in Guardians of the Galaxy, but you believe him when he says he will save the dinosaurs…

Bryce Dallas Howard is odd here because her character seems to be boring to the point of being pointless. She has no special talent (except that she is love interest to Chris Pratt) and seems to get in the way rather than help with anything (she cannot even jab a needle into a sedated dinosaur!).

The bad guys are good bad guys, not great bad guys. That’s because they do predictable things. Like capture the dinosaurs and sell them to the highest bidder… But this one bad guy has a kink: he wants dinosaur teeth. To make himself a necklace…

The movie sucks you into the story you have seen before. This time though, it made me cry because Nature does what it does best: destroy. 

The action set pieces are awesome. And the head butting dinosaur brings a smile to your face despite the fact that Blue is wandering about the building, angry and hungry to eat people up. The little girl is a terrific actor. She transfers her fears on to the audience quite easily and compellingly. And at one point her secret becomes a crazy spinoff that could shake the world.

What a sad movie it is that promises Jeff Goldblum and gives him just a sad ‘bear witness to the future’ scene? 

But when Blue looks at the cage and chooses freedom, you know you can breathe a sigh of relief and the world has to accept it too…

I loved the movie despite the predictability of it all. And am sure you will be scared too if a claw felt touched your hair like the toe tapping dinosaur does…


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