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Let’s Use Sanju Baba 
Baki Sab Chal Jaayega… 

one star

Mini Review:

Third of the Saheb Biwi Gangster films, the fine conspiracy that made the first film such a good watch has descended into the gutter. At first you are shocked. Is Sanjay Dutt so gullible that he doesn’t understand that his role in this film ruins his carefully whitewashed image in Sanju? After 20 minutes, you don’t care. 

Main Review:

Except for Jimmy Shergill, the cast of the film – Kabir ‘Sandokan’ Bedi, Deepak Tijori, Sanjay Dutt, Zakir Hussain – look like they’ve bloated beyond recognition. Did they drown in alcohol between shots? In fact the music of Purana Mandir ‘the Saamri track’ should play in your head (as it did in mine) each time there were close ups of Kabir Bedi and Sanjay Dutt.

Sanjay Dutt is a disgraced Rajasthani prince who runs a nightclub called House Of Lords in London. He was asked to leave home because he was in love with a nautch girl (why did he leave her behind?). He makes money on the side by playing Russian roulette again and again. He’s an expert. And you don’t have to be a film expert to figure out that Biwi will seduce Sanju to get his help and kill Saheb. Sigh. 

Sanju is shown to be violent and unpredictable and still in love with the nautch girl (played by Chitrangada Singh) who skypes love songs to Baba. Oh yes, Baba has his own track that probably was sold to him during narration…   

When Will You Kill Saheb?

That Mahie Gill will drop her pallu is a given. But she was believable when her loneliness led her to having an affair with Randeep Hooda. Here, she is as seductive as a used tissue. 

So when she and Zakir Hussain (plays father to Saheb’s second wife whos is comatose) ask Sanjay Dutt, ‘Purana Kila tumhare naam kar rahe hain, saheb ko kab maroge?’ you know subtlety is dead. 

Sanjay Dutt does not have to say, ‘Russian roulette ka game khel ke…’

All is not this bad though. If you get through really trite dialog about ‘rajwade’, ‘hamari ijjat’, ‘parampara’, ‘privy purses’ you will discover that there was a great possibility of toppling the wife’s need to kill her husband: the possibility of friendship between two characters hated by their respective families: Sanjay Dutt and Jimmy Shergill. 

Of course that would be another film. 

Here, the ‘game’ is played at the party in front of everyone else, and of course in the middle of ‘let’s switch guns’ double cross game, where everyone is wincing each time the trigger is clicked, we see Deepak Tijori dressed up in a plastic apron a la Dexter walking purposefully to kill Chitrangada Singh. You just laugh. 

The followng bloodshed should have finished the movie, but there’s more to come the filmmakers say. I just hope the box office bomb will deter them from making any more Mahie Gill pallu drop movies. 

(I’ve tried to write this review all day, but had to step away from the computer to upchuck)

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