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Stitches A Very Long, But A Heartwarming Story

2.5 stars

Mini Review:

After seeing countless funny memes of Anushka Sharma, you don’t want to see her sobbing. But the film turns out to be rather endearing. A story of a couple who find their pride and against all odds, fight to be heard. Yes, it’s another small town story, but such a pleasure to watch Varun Dhawan turn into a self reliant person from a tea boy cum do it all messenger chap. The film takes too long to come to the point, but it makes you feel good when he wins against all odds.

Main Review:

One thing about Varun Dhawan, he really gets into the role easily, without looking like city boy pretending to be in a high school play. He plays Mauji a happy-go-lucky lad content to work in Bansal’s sewing machine store. Making tea, dropping off cash, cleaning up the store and also playing ‘doggie’ to entertain the newly wed Bansal bride. The earnestness with which he suffers the indignities makes you squirm. You are angry for him because his dad (Rajpal Yadav in a permanently crotchety role) doesn’t think anything of him, and neither does his mother (a delightful Yamini Das) because she’s too attached to her kitchen. And you feel why his wife who watches him made to play ‘doggie’ is hurt. Her tears speak volumes. Mamta, the wife is played by Anushka Sharma, whose memes rocked social media for a while. She is such a natural, you forget the memes and enjoy how she manages quietly to inspire her husband. Her sarees are just right and she is able to handle the pallu over her head like all North Indian bahus (daughters in law) rather well.

That said, to see Varun Dhawan wear that sleeveless pullover as he gets ready to to leave for work, his head wet from the shower makes you forget the brash avatar from Judwa. He’s that natural. In fact, there is no pretence in the language, no fake small town accent needs to be added, he just becomes Mauji.

The film follows Mamta and Mauji’s dreams. From stitching a happy ‘maxi’ for their mum (Loved her beaming as she walks about the hospital, showing off her dress) to getting gypped by Bedi Creations where Namit Das tricks them into selling their designs in the name of a better job, to his final show of pride in the end, we enjoy the journey. The song ‘Chaav Laga’ is just right. Does not intrude into the story at all. It’s a bus journey every dreamer should get to make.

Unfortunately, the film takes its own sweet time to come to the point of having impossible dreams. You want to know how a small town lad has design ideas, because that is never shown. We want to know how he understand so much about weaving the yarn, literally. Even a sentence like ‘I grew up watching my grandfather work.’ would have sufficed. Also Bollywood has been spinning these small town tales that make the audience weary. There are only so many eccentric stories the audience can take. Plus the convenient events like how the mother gets a heart attack on demand when the story needs it, make your cringe. But the mother is such a good actor, you love it when she cares to make puffed toris for her husband, gives instructions about filling water from the hospital bed and does not let go of the ‘pateela’ even she she suffers a heart attack. Well written character this!

The film, thankfully remains clear of a political agenda and insists that it is for those ‘Mad In India’. It’s a slow cooked meal. Decent watch!

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