Review: The House With a Clock in its Walls

Written by  on September 21, 2018 

Gotta Believe They’re Magick!

2.5 stars

Mini Review:

Jack Black, Cate Blanchett, and the resurrected Kyle MacLachlan are fabulous. Everyone in the audience was the little kid who comes to live with Jack Black. The story is so delightful, kids of all ages will want to live in this magical house. 

Main Review:

A shy lad makes a journey what looks like the end of the world called Zebedee where he’s met by an uncle in a kimono. 

He cannot go back. his parents are dead. The house his uncle lives in has many many clocks, ticking away to drown the sound of what seems like a doomsday clock hidden inside the walls of the house. There’s magic everywhere and good spells to ward off evil spells, and you watch slack-jawed as the magic steps off the screen in the form of the beautiful Cate Blanchett (aaah, that elegant chignon!).

Cate Blanchett says she’s lost all her magic, but we don’t believe her because we are collectively bewitched. 

The little boy, yes, the story is his, after all, has joined a new school and needs to make friends and will go to any lengths to do that. Including break the only rule of the magic house: not to open the locked case. Of course the magical book it contains is evil. Of course the lad will use it…

The costumes are so much fun, it makes you look at your own wardrobe and say, ‘Only if it is purple!’

It doesn’t matter how old you are, the magic and the fun is ageless.

The film leaves you wanting a sequel. When has that last happened when you watched a kiddie flick?

Buy lots of popcorn (and you’ll hear Jack Black say, ‘I’ll get butter.’) and watch this delightful film.

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