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They’re back! And how! And Jack-Jack? Yahahooooooo!

4 stars!

Mini Review:

The Supers are illegal, and since the Underminer showed up at the end of the original film, the action begins right away! And it goes on and on and on and you laugh and you guffaw at the cleverness (villain name: Screenslaver!) and whoop and smile and nod your head in approval! The gadgets are brill, and  All in all, this is a fabulous film and we can’t wait for baby Jack Jack to have more fun in the next movie. And you will vote for Edna Mode to have her own film! I did!

Main Review:

How does a grown up admit to enjoying a movie so much?

I have no excuse. I just cannot be objective here. I felt like a baby discovering fun. 

This is what it felt like:



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